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Technical advantages

(European) pilot and demo(nstration) projects yielded many positive reports about the practical application of biolubricants. In a number of applications, biolubricants are technically just as suitable as mineral lubricants. Sometimes, they perform even better.

Good lubricating properties

Better lubrication leads to reduced wear by friction. Combined with improved heat transfer when compared to mineral lubricants, biolubricants have the added benefit of improved equipment life span.

Higher viscosity index

The added advantage is that there is a wider range of products available with lower viscosity classes for certain applications of biolubricants. This is not the case with mineral lubricants.

Good adhesion to metal surfaces

Adhesion creates a protective layer that decreases wear and reduces oil loss when compared to mineral-based products.

High flash point

The evaporation loss of biolubricants can be reduced by a factor five, because of a higher flash point.
N.B. the variety of applications and types of lubricants are constantly increasing. The circumstances and specifications differ depending on the situation. In order to prevent any problems and successfully introduce the application of biolubricants in new or existing installations, vehicles or equipment, recommendations and points of interest have been provided.

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